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The Best Holiday Gifts for Cats – A Laser Pointer


Cats are, by nature, hunters, borne with instincts that are – simply put – sharp.

As such, the idea of giving a laser pointer as a gift for cats doesn’t really come as strange, considering the “test” laser pointers impose on their hunting skills.

A Laser Pointer
 There was a time when laser pointers were viewed as premium electronic items, only made available to those who actually had need of them, apart from having the necessary funds to buy them.

With those days now behind all of us, the relative affordability and availability of laser pointers anywhere where office supplies are sold makes them ideal as holiday gifts for cats.

Though there really is no record about who or when laser pointers became ideal as kitty toys, their overall purpose for being is not overt – obvious to anyone, cat lover or not. Compact in size and essentially easy to maintain, some varieties even come with rechargeable batteries, while others come as “self rigged” as dedicated toys for felines.

Regardless of the type one would opt to get, countless hours of fun are sure to be with laser pointers and kitty playtime. Some specialized kitty toy laser pointers even come with game varieties, varieties where their human companions can actually take part in the fun.

For cat owners who aren’t all that sure about what to give to their furry buddies this year, a laser pointer, as simple as it is, is novel enough to sate the hunting instincts of even the most focused and dedicated of cats.

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