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The Best Holiday Gifts for Cats - A Mobile


Contrary to most assumptions, mobiles are not only toys intended for babies.

Mobile varieties for pets, ranging from cats to dogs, are also known to be, standing out as one of the top holiday gifts pet owners give to their furry buds.

Mobiles for Cats
The nifty thing about getting a mobile for cats is that they almost always come as dual purpose items: they also double as scratching posts, making their purchase a good deal.

Available in different sizes and configurable to work with a wide assortment of kitty toys and accessories, kitty mobiles are often viewed as “all in one” toys for cats, considering the different conventions and functions they are designed for.

First there’s the “tether toy” aspect of mobiles, where it affords cats with a virtual playmate with whom they can be evenly challenged and tested. Another takes shape in the removable toy aspect of mobiles, one that can be maximized in testing a cat’s ability to solve puzzles and challenges.

Some kitty mobiles are even rigged as food dispensers, though the amount of food they dispense can’t hardly be viewed as meal worthy.

The last takes shape in its “scratching post” aspect, a kitty mobile aspect that doesn’t just afford cats with a plaything, but also a means for them to stay clear from the living room furniture.

Though they are generally considered as the most pricy of kitty toys, kitty mobiles are essentially great as holiday gift items for cats of different breeds, size and/or age.

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