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Lipizzan Horses


As a horse breed, the Lipizzan Horse (also known as the Lipizzaner) has long been linked with the Spanish Riding School of Vienna in Austria, one of the world’s longest forerunners of “high school” movements and haute ecole when talking about horse movements, actions, mannerisms and activities.

The 1963 Walt Disney released feature entitled Miracle of the White Stallions is one of the few movies to have featured the Lipizzan, with the movie telling the story of how the Spanish Riding School of Vienna had evacuated their horses during the course of World War II.
Lipizzan Horses
The Lipizzan horse breed’s origins dates back to the 16th century, where they were kept mostly to suit the tastes of the nobles of Hasburg. Described to be a muscular and compact horse, they were also utilized as “war horses”, with a number of them found in military operations at the time.

One unique thing about the Lipizzan horse breed is how their color changes from the day they are born through their adult stages. With most adult Lipizzan horses sporting a grey hued coat, they are actually born either dark grey or black, with their coats changing to a lighter hue as they grow older.

Though considered to be white horses, Lipizzan horses are not actually white, in the sense that a white horse is actually born all-white, which is quite the opposite when talking about newborn dark colored Lipizzans.

With the Miracle of the White Stallions including the live-action involvement of Lipizzan horses, the film had ideally captured the allure of the Lipizzan horse breed, one of the highly valued and treasured horse breeds known ever to be.
Lipizzan Horses

Lipizzan Horses

Lipizzan Horses

Lipizzan Horses
 Lipizzan Horse Video
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