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Dogs and Birds – Can They get Along?


The problem with having a family that loves to take care of pets is that you might have one or more type of pets in your home. A common combination would be dogs and cats, but in some households, they keep both dogs and birds under the same roof.

Is it safe to have birds and dogs in the house at the same time? Well if you train them properly then yes. This might sound like an unlikely combination but birds and dogs can get along very well as house pets.
Dogs and Birds
Below are a few tips on taking care of dogs and bird together.

Keep their sleeping areas separated

You don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night finding your dog braking up at the bird’s cage or post. If you let your pet bird fly around freely at home, make sure that their resting post is found far way or in another room from the dog’s sleeping area. During the first few days, your dog will be curious about the bird, so you want to keep it as far away as possible when you’re not watching over them.

Store food separately

Don’t mix bird seed with dog food. Dogs and birds have very different nutritional needs, and you don’t want to mix their meals up so keep both of these in separate containers. To make it easier, use those affordable plastic containers that you can purchase in home and hardware stores and just label them with markers. You can also go organic on pet food for both your bird and dog. Some people would just give their pet bird natural seed and fruits and give their dog homemade dog food to prevent dm in dogs from developing.

More time together

The more time they spend together, the more they get used to each other’s company. Let you’re approach the bird and watch over them carefully. Your dog might frighten the bird and they might end up hurting each other. Older dogs, especially the ones who have developed illnesses like dm in dogs and don’t move around that much might even loose interest of the bird and just let it be. Bottom line is, never live them alone, especially if they’re still new to each other. Once they’ve become more familiar with each other, then you can relax. It might take some time but sooner or later, they’ll learn to live with each other.
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