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The Story of A Thousand and A Half Canine Lover


There’s an interesting story from China where a dog lover adopts a thousand and a half dogs and two hundred cats. Two hundred cats. Can you imagine that number of felines and canines to feed everyday?

Ha Wen Jin is a middle aged owner of the pet shelter in Nanjing.  The “amazing animal shelter” was featured on LIFE magazine in 2006. The column praised her resourcefulness in keeping her shelter alive.

Her story is really quite amazing. It first started with a few dogs, and gradually more was added until the number grew to a thousand and a half.

In order to take care of these dogs, Wen Jin reportedly had to resign from her job and even sell her house and jewelry – imagine that. She is truly a one of a kind person. Who would want to give up her job, sell her house and live with hundreds of muts? Some people might even think she is out of her mind to live on donations to stay alive.

Yes, her shelter lives solely on the donations given by kind hearted folks. Yet, all she can think of is preserving her beloved animal shelter. She once mentioned that she wanted to adopt all stray animals she can find. Whoa, that’s a lot to handle.

It is a good thing that there are helpful volunteers that come in and help her take care of her animals. These assistants usually visit once a week to help her feed and check on their health.  They also helped transport her thousand plus dogs and two hundred cats to a new shelter outside of Nanjing after the government claimed the property the sanctuary was on.

It is reported that her family of cats and dogs has doubled in number. Her deep interest to keep her shelter alive is truly really admirable. Don’t you think?

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