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Sara the Saxophone Playing Walrus


You’ve seen walruses in encyclopedias and on TV.  These are big whiskered marine creatures that live in Antarctica. If you’ve watched Adam Sandler’s movie, 51st dates, you can recall a smart walrus obeying his command at the beginning of the film. Well, that’s just how smart and trainable a few are, just like this particular one named Sara who can play the saxophone! Hard to believe but it’s all over the news and the internet.

In a youtube video uploaded, Sara can be seen delighting audiences by playing the saxophone, and performing other tricks.  This walrus is not like any other of its specie.  This one can imitate its trainer, blows a whistle (with a railway platform conductor costume to go with it) and plays catch (receives a rose being thrown at her)

During an exhibition, the happy flipper merrily played a tune that caught audiences in awe.  Spectators were even more surprised when she mimicked the bored expression of her trainer.  The sea creature is fond (and very good at) playing ball games.

She fast became an attraction at the newly-opened Turkish Dolphinarium in Istanbul. Thanks to her human like skills, the Dolphinarium has quickly become a tourist attraction in the Turkish city.

Some people might argue that it’s inhumane  what folks are doing to animals like Sara. They are concerned about the possibility of cruelty while training or during performance and question their captivity to do tricks for spectators for the rest of their lives. However, caretakers and owners of these establishments defend that some if not most, have been saved from poaching or any dangers encountered while being in their own habitat, given an unmonitored few who hunt and kill these animals.

I don’t have anything against animals that perform, as long as they are treated well.  Having done a little research, I’m pretty sure this one is taken good care of.  Being such an interesting animal, wouldn’t it be fun to see this flipper perform amazing tricks before your eyes?

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