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French Bulldog Adopts Baby Wild Boars


If this story doesn’t touch you, nothing will. J

In Germany, Baby wholeheartedly treated 6 wild boar piglets as if they were her own flesh and blood. The catch? Baby is a French bulldog. This makes her now adopted babies about the same size as her.
Regardless of whatever differences, Baby immediately nurse the shaking 3-day old piglets and kept them warm to the best of her ability.

The poor parentless piglets are now at the Lehnitz animal sanctuary after they have been luckily found helplessly on the forest. Norbert Damm, a caretaker in the sanctuary believes the mother of the piglets is likely to have been killed by hunters leaving them alone in the forest. The piglets will now have to stay with their new mommy and be bottle fed up until they are big enough to eat on their own. By then, they will have to be freed to a reserve.

Call it motherly instinct if you must, it’s still a feel-good-leaves-a-warm-feeling-in-your-tummy kind of story to me and is more than worth spreading.

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