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Why Chinchillas are Great Pets

Most of us have had hamsters for pets as kids, but there’s another animal, that’s similar to a hamster, that you should consider getting your kids as their first pet.

The chinchilla is a cute rodent that originated in the mountains of South America. These animals are marked as critically endangered in the wild however, they have grown a lot of popularity as house pets over the years. A number for pet stores actually offer them and they’re being breed in captivity. 

Here are a few reasons why these furry little creatures make great pets.

Low-Maintenance is their Middle Name

What makes these animals perfect for new or first time pet owners is that they’re very easy to take care of. They love to play, especially with their fellow chinchillas. They just need to be well-fed, a wheel is enough for them to exercise on and they’re not really prone to common certain illnesses. They do prefer a cooler place to stay in, so you might want to crank the air-conditioning up during summer.

They’re Very Social

In the wild, chinchillas live in groups. As pets, they love the company of their owners and other people and chinchillas to play with.  They’re usually very timid, except during dawn when they’re very active, and they act like kids in the way that they always want to play. 

They don’t Smell

Unlike the common hamster, chinchillas are actually very clean. They do poop frequently, but their poop is usually odor-free and dry, making it easy to clean. Like cats, they care a lot about their personal hygiene and clean themselves as often as they can.

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