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Animals need your time

Today marks the beginning of National Volunteer Week. I know that much of the great stuff that happens at this and any other shelter in the country is primarily because of the great volunteers who work to make a difference.
Volunteering at the shelter can be very rewarding. You’ll never find a more grateful and admiring friend than an animal you just spent time with and comforted. Just lending a hand to make their lives a little more enjoyable and spreading the word about them can help them find a forever home.

Often, people come in during their lunch hour or after work to walk the dogs along the pathway, conveniently located just behind our building. Every dog loves to get out of their kennels and stretch their legs and see what’s happening in the outside world around them. This winter has been an especially long one, each of us is itching to get out and shake this cabin fever. Commit to a walking routine you can enjoy with a shelter pet and you’ll be changing more than just your attitude. It’s great exercise and, like I said, it means the difference between a lonely day and a great day for our shelter dogs.

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