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The Best Organic Dog Food – Lily’s Kitchen


Using only the best and freshest of ingredients, Lily’s Kitchen has built a solid reputation not only in offering dogs with a wholesome, healthy and natural organic dog food option, but also extends its product offerings to cats.

With freshly deboned meat and fish playing an important role in the making of its products, Lily’s Kitchen continues to be one of the best organic dog food brands available in the market.

Lily’s Kitchen

With all of its pet food options calibrated to yield the highest balance of healthiness and scrumptious taste, Lily’s Kitchen has made an art form out of balancing natural goodness and truly healthy meals for pets.

Sourcing its ingredients from local meat sources, the brand is keen on only using fresh meats that are delivered to their production sites everyday, backing its “fresh ingredients” dynamic by not including the use of chemicals, artificial flavorings and artificial preservatives.

Aware that poor nutrition essentially affects a pet’s overall health and well-being, the brand is notorious for causing positive changes in a cat or dog’s daily life, as well as known for actually causing some reduction in regular trips to the vet.

Also known for maintaining the integrity of the ingredients they are using – ie not overcooking their meals with high temperatures – the brad knows that high temperature does a dent on the nutrient factors of certain food items used in the making of their products.

As such, Lily’s Kitchen remains to be one of the best organic dog food brands currently in the market today.

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