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Dealing With Anxious and Stressed Pets


Do pets also get anxious and stressed-out? The answer, no doubt, is a big YES! Just as we human get anxious, panicky and stressed out, so do our most huggable pets. They can be stressed by a simple car ride alone, a regular check to the vet and even a quick visit to the grooming shop. Thunderstorms may also cause their anxiety and a lot more leading to severe separation anxiety and phobias in some cases. It is also a fact that even when the stress, not all animals are stressed in one and the same thing. For example, a dog may be stressed and disturbed when there is a party held in the house while other dogs remain unperturbed and seemingly enjoying the revelry.
Dealing With Anxious and Stressed Pets
We become oblivious of the fact that our pets suffer the way we do and often times, these anxiety attacks are disregarded and abandoned. Since most of our pets do get stressed-out, it is important to note the common cause of stress, so we can do something to alleviate and better still, get rid of it. Apart from the car ride, visit to the vet and grooming shop, these lovable creatures also become anxious by the changes in their routine or the environment as a whole. This would include major changes in the family’s life like moving to another neighborhood with a different climate or even the arrival of a new baby in the family.

Small changes that occur can also affect pets that are so used to the same place. Rearranging the furniture can stress some pets. The addition of another pet in the house whether of the same kind or breed can heighten stress elements because of territorial reasons.

Since stress, especially chronic stress can greatly affect the health and wellness of human beings, it is but proper to deal with it. Each pet is unique. Therefore, there is no remedy that could be made generic to all pets. What works for one may not be effective to the other. While behavior modification is vital in dealing with chronic anxiety and phobia, there are natural remedies to ease anxiety and stress among pets. Tranquilizers usually stop the violent behavior but will not really ensure a total stop to anxiety attacks. Therefore, it is not the prime solution for anxiety attacks.

Through the use of flower essences using extracts of flowers, each essence addressing a specific trait or personality type. Flower therapy was developed by Dr. Edward Bach during the 1930's. Dr. Bach was a conventionally trained physician who studied immunology and was involved in the development of a number of vaccines.

Rescue Remedy is the best known essence and produces a calming in many nervous pets. It is composed of the essences of 5 flowers: cherry plum, clematis, impatiens, rock rose and Star of Bethlehem.
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