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Pricy Pets for Sale


Does price really matter when it comes to have a ‘best friend’ at home? As much as there are cheap and inexpensive pets for sale, there are also pets with lavish prices and high price tags. You see, pricy pets obviously come with a very expensive price tag, in which not all pet lovers could easily buy even in their lifetime. How far can pet lovers splurge to have a one-of-a-kind pet?

Some can only wish and dream to have a $4000 kind of pet, but for others, the price is not a problem at all. If you consider cats, you can have a variety of expensive and luxurious ones from the Bengal Cat, the Savannah cat and the white lions. However, in this list you can have choice between primate pals that could remind you of the Planet of the Apes, of course, minus the ‘taking over the earth’ kind of thing.
Snow Macaque
Snow Macaque – these are small primates that can look small but can still grow as big as 2 and 4 feet in length, not considering the tail and would need a high and large enclosure of up to 30 feet squared. It is also known as the Japanese Macaque with grey fur and red face, palms, soles and bottoms. Very intelligent and clean, these known primates have the innate quality of washing their food before eating it. They live up to thirty years or more. The Snow Macaque is a threatened species and would therefore need a special permit or license to have one as a pet. Price range of this pricy pet is $3,500.00.
Squirrel Monkey
Squirrel Monkey – they are small and adorable and comes from the tropical forests of Central and South America. They grow up until about 2 pounds making them really cute and cuddly. They are also highly smart just like most primates. Squirrel Monkeys are very sociable, friendly, affectionate and easy to get
along with. Their unique style of marking territory is by squirting their urine onto their hands and feet, and leaving the smell wherever they go. Price range of this cute monkey is $4,000.00.
DeBrazza’s Monkey
DeBrazza’s Monkey – an old-world monkey endemic to the wetlands of Central Africa, the DeBrazza’s Monkey has a very interesting look which mainly features a noble beard like a monkey professor. They also have pouches on their cheeks which serve as food storage during foraging. They also have a reddish brown back, an orange crescent-shaped mark on the forehead, has white eyelids and white muzzle. Male De Brazzas are larger that grow up to 15 pounds while females weigh about 10 pounds. Price range reaches to as high as $10,000.00
Chimpanzee – Well, who can resist a chimpanzee? Usually called a chimp, there are pros and cons in owning one. They can be so irresistible when they are babies but can be aggressive and dangerous when mature. Very intelligent and strong, chimpanzees can climb curtains, overturn tables and chairs, knockoff anyone easily when annoyed. Price range is a whopping $60,000-$65,000.00.
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