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It can be said that the success of the Piranha series of horror/suspense features owes its successful run to one name – James Cameron.

Being the director of the second Piranha feature, Piranha II: The Spawning, the film looked into the suspense potentials of mutated piranhas which, through “fin flapping”, could literally fly out of the water and attack prey.
Though the movie’s B-Class qualities is evident, Piranha II: The Spawning says a lot about the pretexts of “superstars in the making”, with Cameron eventually making other movies which raked in box office success accolades and awards.

It also raised the question over the possibility of piranhas mutating and evolving to a “flying through fin flapping” state, a state with experts agree isn’t a likely possibility.

Standing out as one of the more notorious fish species in the Amazon, the piranha is known for its swarm-oriented attacks, with piranha groups capable of ripping off the meat of animals within seconds. Animals which happen to unfortunately come their way are recorded to be reduced to their bones within minutes, a testament to the voracity of the carnivore fish species.

Dangerous and deadly, the piranha’s physical attributes deem them as monstrous fishes, with triangular-shaped rows of sharp teeth lining their mouths, making solo piranhas fishes which you do not want to mess with, let alone have anything to do with a group.

With its infamy for being rabid carnivores, it’s really no wonder why Cameron and his crew thought that the notion of “flying piranhas” would work in a creature-feature movie. Though the movie can’t really be described as a cinematic masterpiece, the track record which its director eventually got to make has made it a cinematic novelty, one which has also once again propelled interest to one of the world’s deadliest fish species, the piranha.



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