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The Smartest Dog Breeds


When choosing a dog, it’s best to pick breeds known to have good temperaments and high intelligence or an ability to learn. These dogs not only are easier to take care of, they are also a breeze to train, even for new dog owners. Below are a few of the most intelligent dog breeds around. You might want to consider choosing one of these breeds as a pet if you’re getting a dog for the first time.
Border Collies
Border collies are wonderful protective dogs. They were originally bred to herd sheep and as such, they are fast, obedient and very quick when given commands. They have shaggy, medium-length coats that need brushing regularly.

Poodles where actually once used for hunting. Now, they are known for their creative hairstyles and fancy colors. To most trainers, the poodle is the easiest dog to train. They don’t shed as much as other breeds, earning them the distinction of being “hypoallergenic” dogs. 

German Shepherds
The German Shepherd is known to be used by the military and police as bombs and narcotics sniffing dogs and even as tracking dogs. German Shepherds are also wonderful guard dogs and are prized for their loyalty.

Golden Retrievers

A very popular dog breed, the Golden Retriever is probably the best family dog around. They can protect their families from harm and can basically be taught to do anything.

Many might feel intimidated by Dobermans, but these dogs are actually very loyal and protective. A tax collector actually developed the breed to protect him while collecting taxes; they were designed to be agile, observant and low maintenance dogs.

Labrador Retrievers
A lab is another good family dog. It’s very loving, patient and affectionate, and as such, stands out for being the most popular dog breed in the world. Labradors however, need a lot of exercise to stay fit and health. They are perfect for families who love going to camping or hiking trips, as these dogs love nothing more than hitting the outdoors.
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