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Discus Fish


Many movies and books have featured the wild life found of the Amazon River, usually portraying them as terrifying man-eaters (think anacondas, alligators and piranhas). However, the number of harmless fauna that inhabits the Amazon far exceeds the number of those that pose some degree of harm.  One such animal would be a very common fish that lives in these waters known as the discus fish. The discus fish is a very colorful flat fish that many fish lovers and aquarium enthusiasts have taken a special liking to.
Discus Fish
There are originally three species of discus fish, the Common discus, Symphysodon tarzoo and  Heckel discus. However, recent research suggested that this genus holds these species, the green discus or s. aequifasciatus, the brown/blue/common discus or s. haraldi  and the heckel discus or s. discus. There have been other proposed subspecies, but these individuals were more on exceptions than separate species of their own.

Discus fish can grow to about 20 to 25 cm in diameter and come in a staggering array of colors. As such, many consider these fish to be the crème de la crème of tropical fish, having the ability to add color and life to any aquarium tank.

As juveniles, they tend to eat a lot and become wild when fed. They change their eating habits as they mature and take their time when eating. They are very graceful fish but are very easily frightened, swimming for cover the moment they feel threatened.

Both parents usually care for baby discus fish, which is uncommon amongst tropical fish. Mother and father discus fish take turns in watching over their fry and feeding them. When taking care of discus fish in an aquarium, you will need to place in a little investment in making sure that you provide your discus fish the right environment to grow in.

Discus fishes need water with a low PH level, so you will need to “soften” the water before using it in the tank. In addition, make sure you place plant matter to mimic their natural environment in the Amazon. You might also need something to make sure the water in the aquarium is not too hot or too cold.
Discus Fish

Discus Fish

Discus Fish

Discus Fish
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