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Smart Collars for your Cat


Cat collars come in different colors, shapes and sizes, and their variety, though well populated, does come with a downside for cat owners: which one to pick.

As a quick reference on three of the most popular types of cat collars, here are the upsides and benefits of break-away collars, magnetic collars and flea collars, collars which will surely be of service for you and for your cat.

Break-away Collars – break-away collars, also known as safety collars, are designed to easily break during situations when a cat has to break them.

Since cats are at risk of being strangled or choked when wearing collars, break-away collars provide them with an added safety measure, allowing them to easily cut off from a collar which is snagged on a tree branch or caught on low lying bushes or ferns.
Break-away collars generally come in two types, one being elastic, the other being easily breakable. The elastic variety, as its type already says it all, gives cats the chance to stretch out a collar and get away from being choked or strangled. The easily breakable, again, as its type would already say, is made with materials which cats can easily break off literally.

Break-away collars are great for any cat to wear.

Magnetic Collars – magnetic collars are designed to work with your home’s cat flap, which pretty much gives your cat an “access collar” for getting home, while not letting your neighbor’s cat in.

It is a smart option if stranger cats manage to get into your house via cat flaps, doing away with the problem of having your cat fight with a strange cat in the kitchen.

Flea Collars – as deterrents in the infestation of fleas, flea collars come in two primary types, with one designed to deal with adult fleas, as another is made to deal with adult fleas, flea larvae and eggs.

Flea collars are known to effectively deal with fleas on a cat’s neck and head, while their results are varied when talking about fleas on a cat’s body. Also, certain cats tend to have allergic reactions with flea collars, and opting for alternative flea control methods is advisable for them.

Do well in remembering the three popular types of cat collars mentioned here when out getting a collar for your cat.

Each type has its upsides and its benefits, and getting the right one won’t just make you feel good about your purchase, but also would make your cat feel good about wearing a cat collar.

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