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Food options for Kittens


Though not exactly as challenging when picking out baby food items, finding the right food option for kittens holds its own challenging degrees, dependent mostly on what is more convenient for kitten masters or what is most beneficial for kittens.

Once already weaned from the milk of mama cats, kittens will have to eventually go solid with food products, leaving many questioning which is better: canned or dry food?

Here are some points worthy of mention, in helping resolve the match between canned VS dry food.
Canned VS Dry - Taking Variables and Factors into Consideration

Convenience stands to be a highlight sported by dry kitten food items, since its serving requires the use of a feeding dish and a method of easily pouring certain amounts into it for a kitten’s consumption. With canned kitten food products, the same method of serving is still applied, but the shelf-life factor of canned kitten food products isn’t as long when compared to their dry counterparts.

In this regard, dry food items for kittens stand to be more practical for “kitten parents”, and their use also extends as a method of getting kittens accustomed to dry cat food products as meal staples when they grow up.

However, studies suggest that cats do tend to live longer and fuller lives with canned food varieties, which leaves “kitten parents” in a rut between convenience and what is better for kittens/cats.

A balance between the two can be considered as an ideal, with opting for canned food items as a primary staple then going dry food items to be served as treats or snacks for cats.

Understanding Kittens and their needs

Kittens can’t be considered as “small” or “miniature” versions of cats. They are growing babies, and as such they would need all the nutritional supplements they can get from food items.

Requiring more vitamins, minerals and protein sources compared to adult cats, opting for food items rich in protein helps kittens develop stronger muscles and healthier body tissues, as minerals and calcium sources helps develop stronger teeth and bones.

You can start kittens with dry kitten food items made for kittens, but as he/she grows, gradually alternating between dry and canned foods is a good idea, in establishing the staple canned food and for-snack dry food setup in cat dietary menus and habits.

Here’s hoping your role as “kitten parent” is one which brings your kitten to a full, well-lived kitty life.

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