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The markers of the best dry dog food


Dry dog food varieties are still widely considered as ideal pet food options, with many conscientious dog owners alternating dry dog food with natural dog food in their furry buddy’s regular diet menus.

But as steady as this longstanding norm may be, confusion revolving around picking out the best dry dog food variety from the rest has become a problem for most dog owners, with the myriad of dry dog food brands and choices available in the market.

Below are two of the markers that define the best dry dog food options from the rest.

In terms of ingredients – a cursory look at a dog food’s nutritional content table would reveal what ingredients and nutrients are packed in each of its bits.

Ideally, dry dog foods that aren’t riddled with preservatives, chemicals and additives are perfect, along with dry dog foods that come with certifications from organic foods sanctioning bodies or organizations.

While most dry dog food brands don’t exactly detail what ingredients were used in their making, opting for dry dog food varieties that aren’t shy with how they made their products is best.

In terms of shelf life – dog owners can assess how preservative-free a dry dog food variety is by looking into its shelf life values.

Generally, dry dog food options with shorter shelf life tends to be more natural and preservative-free, standing out as a marker that says something about how reliable they are as healthy and nutritional additions to a dog’s daily diet plan.

Do well in remembering the above mentioned markers, and you’ll be able to easily spot the perfect dry dog food variety for your dog.

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