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Cats and their homing instinct


Cats and their homing instincts have been the subject of a lot of research and investigation given the cat’s inherent ability to find his/her way home.

The 1993 remake of the 1960’s Disney classic Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey, tells the tale of how two dogs and one cat got separated from their home, only to go on a cross county trek across America to find their way back.
The Incredible Journey
Though Sassy, a snobby Himalayan cat, wasn’t the titular character of the trio in the movie, her presence in the story reinforces the theories surrounding the homing instincts of cats, dogs and birds.

One theory which links cats and their homing instincts touch up on the Earth’s magnetic fields, with cats senses capable of detecting minute magnetic metal particles. The theory suggests that the cat’s fore and hind paws can easily sense these magnetic particles, which they can use as references in finding their way home.

The story of a Persian named Howie is one that tells a lot about how the cat found his way home, with Howie crossing an estimated 1,000 miles in the Australian outback. Some human beings can’t even go far with that distance, let alone manage to navigate their way home.

However, the “conflict” pertaining to cats and their homing instinct contradicts with cats oftentimes getting themselves in tight spots. From being trapped in boxes or cabinets, to getting stuck in trees or worse, electric posts, there is still a lot to be learned regarding the cat’s senses and inherent unexplainable abilities pertaining to their homing instincts.

That, or maybe cat owners tend to be too overprotective with their cats.

Have you ever lost a cat? Did he/she find his/her way home?
Cats and their homing instinct

The Incredible Journey

The Incredible Journey

The Incredible Journey
Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey Trailer Video
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