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Devonshire Rex

devonshire rex cat pets photo picture
Devonshire Rex Cat race was originally developed in England since September 1959. This race is a cat due to genetic mutation. Devonshire Rex cats bodied oriental, including the type Rex, looks funny with the mustache is relatively short, and fur a variety of colors. Devonshire Rex is a race of cats that have short hair or very little. Devonshire Rex cat fur is very smooth
such as a thin layer of the skin. Devonshire Rex is very friendly and pleasant, happy to sit on the shoulders of their owners. Devonshire Rex's most experienced hair loss, or a fine undercoat hairs. Devonshire Rex is very unique because curly hair at their feet. Devonshire Rex also had large eyes, and ears low. Devonshire Rex cats are very active, fun, and friendly, and likes to perch on the shoulders of the person, such as parrots. Devonshire Rex is also very intelligent, and can be taught tricks, such as taking and walking on the rope. Number of Devonshire Rex cat race is also still very limited. If at first glance look like a Devonshire Rex Sphynx cat.

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devonshire rex cat pets photo picture

devonshire rex cat pets photo picture
devonshire rex cat pets photo picture
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